‘Delayed’ EBA work set to take in green amid ECB focus

The European Commission could expand the European Banking Authority’s mandates for follow-up work on the EU covered bond directive to include recommendations on green covered bonds, which were a key topic for the European Central Bank at a recent Helsinki European Covered Bond Council plenary.


Enel sees SLB-style guidance as a potential driver

Issuers facing problems sourcing green, social or sustainable assets or aligning them with short term debt issuance could instead turn to ESG-linked commercial paper as an efficient alternative, according to ABN AMRO’s Dick Ligthart. Meanwhile, one issuer who follows the use-of-proceeds approach acknowledges that in the money market sustainable investors might prefer a more holistic ESG rating-based approach, which relies more on the overall ESG credentials of the company given […]


GBP, EBA updates raise green covered bond questions

The European Covered Bond Council is working on a definition of green covered bonds aimed at reflecting the distinct characteristics of the instrument to ensure its appropriate treatment in incoming regulations, and following a Green Bond Principles update deemed contradictory to its core feature by some.


Jyske first to disclose under EEM Label in industry push

Jyske Realkredit published the first Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) Label harmonised disclosure template yesterday (Thursday), with the EMF-ECBC hailing the move as supportive of preferential treatment for green mortgages as the EBA and European Commission move ahead with regulation.